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                                     Geoscience Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

commercialization of technology-based products such as flow improvers and carbon products. 

From 2014 through 2017 he served as Director of Energy Acceleration at the Houston Technology Center, where he advised and mentored over 100 energy startup companies and developed and implemented programs to educate startup founders and teams.  

 Mr. Talgat Shokanov


Mr. Shokanov started QuantumPro, Inc. in 2017 after 15-years of     diverse international career with Schlumberger with the vision to develop a new and innovative micro tracer technology. With a background in hydraulic fracturing operations, R&D, business management, and finance, he is an entrepreneur who identified an opportunity for this ground-breaking       technology and is now leading QuantumPro, Inc. to develop multiple applications in the hydraulic fracturing domain. 

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                                                     Dr. Vladimir G. Ingerman

                                                Founder, President & CEO
Dr. Ingerman received a Doctor of Technical Science, as well as a                                                        Ph.D. in oil field development, and a Master of Science in                                                       geophysical methods. He has 54 professional publications including a                                                       book. He founded Amros Corporation in 1994. 

Global Petroleum Show 2018 recognized Amros Corporation as an Award Winner in the category Innovations in Technologies: Process Controls. World Oil Awards 2016 recognized Amros Corporation as a Finalist in the category New Horizons Idea. RICE Alliance recognized Amros Corporation as a Most Promising Company in 2015. 

More than 30 years of E&P experience in the United States, Russia, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador and Denmark. Extensive experience in evaluation of clastics and carbonates, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, interpretation of open and cased hole logs and integration with geological, CCAL, SCAL, geophysical, and engineering data to build static and dynamic models. His experience encompasses exploration, integrated field studies, data management, database optimization, software development and optimization of production of mature fields.

He was Vice President of Tyumenneftegeophysica the second largest Service Company in the Oil Ministry in Former Soviet Union. In this company he was in charge of the development, implementation, and support of the software for automated processing of log data. This software captured almost 100% of oil and gas wells in Western Siberia - the largest oil and gas region in Former Soviet Union, and is still in use. The total number of the wells where software was applied exceeded a million. He also worked for Halliburton and Schlumberger and many oil companies in USA, South America and Europe. The list included Amoco, Shell International, El Paso, Mobil, Maersk Oil, W&T Offshore, Chaparral Resources, Union Texas Petroleum, Pemex, Pdvsa, Ecopetrol, Petrobras, and Petroecuador, among others.


In his prior roles with Schlumberger, he spearheaded the global business and technology development of the Cuttings Re-Injection via hydraulic fracturing including subsurface engineering design, disposal domain mapping, diagnostics and monitoring analysis. The application of these processes and technologies triple the business size, secure dominant market position and become a vital part for deep water, arctic and remote oil and gas projects deployment.

He is well recognized for technical expertise and resolution of highly complex issues in hydraulic fracturing, multiple fractures mechanics and modeling, fracturing injection and decline pressure analysis, subsurface engineering and containment assurance which enhanced the stature of the industry in the environmentally compliant drilling and subsurface injection assurance and resulted in the publication of many articles and patents.

He is recipient of Prestigious SPE Award for Distinguished Contribution to Petroleum Engineering and SPE Section Service Award for Valued Service.

Mr. Nick Tillmann


Mr. Tillmann is an experienced petroleum industry executive whose experience includes leadership of diverse international businesses with significant P&L responsibility, project management, start-ups, emerging markets and rapid growth. At ConocoPhillips, he successfully started up and led the company’s downstream petroleum business in Poland, managed the company’s $500 million global petroleum coke business, directed numerous international business development projects and led the development and