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Shale Operators
Unlock the potential of shale plays with minimum cost and lower environmental impact

Amros Corporation brings geology to Shale Producers. In vertically and laterally inhomogeneous shale deposits the best producing formations are distributed sporadically like a mosaic, and are too often missed by popular geometrical and cube development approaches designed for homogeneous formations.

Awards-winning Amros Technology uses standard open-hole log data to calculate a Production Profile that shows predicted production along the entire well in bbl/d per 100 feet, giving operators full visibility of producing zones.

Amros Technology creates a new paradigm for the development of shale plays. A Production Profile for a group of vertical wells allows operators to identify the best locations and trajectories for horizontal wells. So, instead of drilling horizontal wells blindfolded, an operator can drill a group of vertical wells, identify the highest producing formations and zones, and drill only those horizontal wells with top production potential.

Case Study
An operator planned to drill a single horizontal well which would have yielded initial production of 200 bbl/d. Based on the correlation of Production Profiles for neighboring vertical wells, Amros identified four high producing zones with average initial production of 580 bbl/d.

The traditional approach of drilling one horizontal well would have resulted in a loss of $1.3 Million in the first year. With the Amros approach, accounting cost of drilling and completion of two vertical and four horizontal wells plus the cost of Amros services, the profit for the first year is $20.2 Million, including only production from the horizontal wells.

Using Amros services for only a few wells provided additional profit of $21.5 Million in the 1st year compared with the traditional approach the operator would have taken.

Amros Technology will radically change the Shale development paradigm by increasing operator’s success rate:

  • Higher production and lower development costs
  • Access reserves missed by conventional analyses
  • Higher recovery efficiency
  • Lower environmental impact

Award Winner for the Global Petroleum Show 2018 in the category Innovation in Technologies: Process Controls

A Finalist for the World Oil Awards 2016 in the category New Horizons Idea

Recognized as the Most Promising Company by the RICE Alliance in 2015

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