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Traditional formation evaluation in shale plays has been inefficient because the methods and techniques for log data interpretation, successfully used to develop conventional reservoirs, have not been applicable for developing shale plays. As a result, operators have essentially been developing shale deposits blindfolded.

Because log data interpretation in shale plays has been inefficient, some operators have stopped running open-hole log data and are resorting to statistical or geometric drilling and completions to maximize production. This approach significantly increases development costs and not effective in vertically and laterally inhomogeneous shale formations. According to industry experts, up to 95% of shale oil is left in the ground and two thirds of hydraulic fracturing stages don’t produce commercially.

Amros has developed a technology that uses standard open-hole log data to calculate Production Profile that shows predicted production along the entire well. This new information shows that the best producing formations are distributed sporadically with different orientation. This is very significant difference between shale fields and classical conventional reservoirs. The mapping of these best spots is a key to optimization shale plays development.

Applying Amros technology that separates good and bad zones radically decreases development cost and increases production and recovery efficiency. Improvements in recovery efficiency could be equal to discovering huge new oil fields.

Analysis of Production Profiles for more than 100 wells in the Permian Basin shows that 80% of the thickness produced 12 times less than the remaining 20%. The technology separates low and high producing formations, allowing operators to avoid drilling of 80% of low producing horizontal wells and drill only horizontal wells with top production. According to recent field study, four to five high producing horizontal wells can be drilled at the same location.

The technology allows shale operators to
Drill and Frack Less – Produce More

The technology gives new critical information that till now has been available for only rare wells with special core or cutting analysis. Based on this information an operator can:

  •    Map locations of the highest producing formations
  •    Decrease development cost: do not drill bad horizontal wells and do not frack bad zones
  •    Increase production and recovery efficiency: drill only high producing horizontal wells and frack only good zones
  •    Reduce negative environmental impact

How does it work and how is it applied
Operator provides information about location of vertical wells and open-hole log data.
Amros applies the proprietary innovative technology and delivers:

  •    Production Profiles with recommended fracking stages and brittleness
  •    Identification of the best formations
  •    Production maps for the best formations
  •    Recommended trajectories for horizontal wells with initial production estimation

The technology can also be applied in old wells.

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