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                                       Geoscience Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Amros  can use historical data from...

  • Wells where selective fracking was done
  • Wells with production logs
  • Wells with special core/cuttings analysis
  • Wells which used multi-stage fracking





​           Vertical:  Where to Frack?                                                              Horizontal: Where to Drill?


​​To validate our technology, Amros can analyze data from your existing wells where you already know the yields.  Amros will conduct its analysis of the data, but without knowledge of the actual production levels you achieved.  

​​Amros will then demonstrate that fracking could have been limited to only the most profitable zones.  You will be able to verify our success rate by comparing your actual results with recommendations drawn from calculations performed using Amros' proprietary technology. 

In other words...

We'll take the test and have you grade us based on your answer key.  The only difference is that you had to obtain the answers through trial and error after the fracking process was done.  Amros  can provide you the answers for future wells in advance.  

The technology benefits the following groups of customers:

  • Shale play operators
  • Land acquisition experts
  • Mineral resource groups


There is a concern that shale plays are very heterogeneous and could incur high level of uncertainty. How do you address that?
This is very valid concern.  For unconventional reservoirs, the amount of movable hydrocarbons is highly variable, both laterally and with depth.  We developed a model for interpretation. From our experience in Permian Basin using information from wells located at a distance of a half-mile and closer works well in most cases. When we find wells that do not match the model, we delineate this group of wells as a special zone. 

The technology has been tested in how many wells?

The technology has been verified in more than 100 Permian Basin wells.

What are the main advantages of using Amros technology from others?

​Traditional methods of log data interpretation used for conventional reservoirs are not applicable to shale plays. As a result, 95% of oil from shale plays in the Permian Basin is left in the ground and two-thirds of fracks produce no oil.
Amros technology is the only one that uses standard open-hole log data to calculate a production profile that shows potential production through the entire well in barrels per day. It specifies to operators where to frack vertical wells and where to drill horizontal wells in order to optimize field development. In Permian Basin it increased well production for vertical wells at least 20% and reduced fracking costs by as much as 50%. The technology also reduces the amount of water injection in formations, which has great positive environmental impact.