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​Innovative Geoscience Solutions


​At the end of 2019 only 10% of US shale operators had positive cash flow. Many companies drill four bad wells for each good one. Amros Shale Vision technology allows to avoid drilling bad wells that decrease production costs three times.

Frack Less – Produce More

The technology optimize well placement:

Do not drill bad wells

Do not miss sweet spots

You can easily test the technology using existing data. The trial will provide location of missing good spots and increase production from areas considered depleted. We are confident that the benefits to you in terms of increased production will amount to many times the cost of the trial. After initial testing you can apply Shale Vision for new development.

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Since 1994 Amros Corporation has been providing innovative geoscience solutions to help operators optimize the development of both conventional and unconventional reservoirs around the world. These have included solutions for direct hydrocarbon identification using seismic data, joint petrophysical and seismic interpretation, formation evaluation for heavy oil and marine littoral shale deposits, and many others where we have extracted maximum value from data to support informed decision making and optimized operations.  

In 2013 Amros Corporation introduced ShaleVision™, our proprietary technology based on decades of research and analysis that identifies the highest producing zones in shale plays, allowing operators to target the best producing zones and avoid the cost of drilling low productive wells.

ShaleVision™ is a new way of looking at the same data that everyone else sees, but in a way that no one else can.  It is a powerful and effective innovation that the industry needs to extract maximum value from the development of shale deposits.  

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