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Dr. Vladimir G. Ingerman, President and Founder of Amros Corporation.

Extensive international and domestic experience in evaluation of clastics and carbonates, conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons, interpretation of open and cased hole logs and integration with geological, CCAL, SCAL, geophysical, and engineering data to build static and dynamic models. Has worked from exploration to integrated field studies and from operations to data management, database optimization, and software development.

He has more than 30 years of E&P experience in the United States, Russia, India, Mexico, Venezuela, and Denmark. He was Vice President of Tyumenneftegeophysica (the second largest geophysical company in former Soviet Union). In this company he created, implemented, and supported software for processing log data, which was used for more than half a million wells; made petrophysical zonations for Western Siberia that included a several hundred oil fields and a dozen gas and gas-condensate fields. He also worked for Halliburton and Schlumberger in the United States.

He holds the following scientific degrees: M.S., Geophysical Methods from Oil Institute of Grozny, Russia; PhD., Oil Field Development from National Science Research Institute of Natural Gas, Moscow; Doctor of Technical Science Degree from the Institute of Oil-Chemical and Gas Industries, Moscow; and has 48 professional publications, including a book “Computerized interpretation of log data”.

Selected accomplishments:

  •     Honored for outstanding industry achievements and recognized as top ten well log analyst by Russian government
  •     1990... efforts led to first contract between Russian Ministry of Oil employee and American company (Halliburton)
  •     Coordinated work between Russian and Halliburton software developers
  •     1994... founded AMROS Corporation to bridge Western and Eastern (former Soviet Union) business communities
  •     Successfully tested & marketed new technique for direct hydrocarbon identification using seismic data in 5 countries
  •     Consulting for oil companies, including Amoco, Shell International, El Paso, Mobil, Pemex, Petrobras, Maersk Oil, et al.

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